Tuesday, 22 January 2013

binary search

The binary search works with already sorted array elements. Let us say x is to be search on sorted array then first we will compare x element with middle of the array if it success eds then say element found else check if the element is greater or lesser than the x element and follow the same process repeatedly until desired result is found or say not found.

 Here is a C program for binary search :
 int count=0;  
 int bin(int item,int a[],int low,int hi)  
   int mid;  
   return -1;  
      return (item = = a[mid] ? mid: item<a[mid] ? bin(item,a,low,mid-1):  
 int main()  
   int n,i,a[20],item,pos;  
   printf("enter the size of the array \n");  
   printf("enter the array element \n");  
   printf("enter the element to be searched \n");  
         printf("element is not found \n");  
     printf("element is present \n");  
   printf("the number of execution is %d\n",count);  

รจ 0(nlogn)

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