Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Data Driver Wizard

DataDriver Wizard used to convert your a part of your script or entire script into a data-driven test. Example: your test script may include recorded checkpoints, operations and other statements that do not need to be repeated for multiple sets of data. So on that situation you need to parameterize only the some part of your test script that you want to run in a loop with multiple sets of data.

Here is the step by step procedure in Winrunner:

 Start->Programs->Wirunner->Sample applications->Flight 1A
 Open Flight Reservation Application
 Go to Winrunner window
 Create->Start recording
 Select file->new order, insert the fields; Click the Insert Order

 Tools->Data Table; Enter different Customer names in one row and Tickets in another row.
 Default that two column names are Noname1 and Noname2.
 Tools->Data Driver Wizard
 Click Next button &select the data table
 Select Parameterize the test; select Line by Line check box
 Click Next Button
 Parameterize each specific values with column names of tables;Repeat for all
 Finalli Click finish button.
 Run->Run from top;

 View the results.

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