Monday, 28 April 2014

Differential decoding

 int main()  
   int n,i,ascii[20],num,character[20],regester=0,reducedbit=0,requiredbit=0;  
   printf("enter the length\n");  
   printf("enter %d numbers (first number should >65)\n",n);  
       if(num<=127 && num>63)  
       else if(num<=63 && num>31)  
        else if(num<=31 && num>15)  
        else if(num<=15 && num>7)  
        else if(num<=7 && num>3)  
        else if(num<=3 && num>1)  
   printf("\n before decryption required bit is : %d\n\n",reducedbit);  
   printf("\n the decrypted text is :\n\n");  
   printf("\n\n after decryption the required bit is : %d",requiredbit);  

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