Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Analysis problem through algorithm

Here in this presentation we analyze the problem through algorithm. And step by step we solve the problem to analyze and design of algorithm. In this we are using two methods that are 
(1) pen pencil (or) conventional method and 
(2) divide and conquer method.

Algorithm, pen pencil or conventional method and divide and conquer method.

For the given problem, we have to analyze the problem through algorithm. That algorithm used by two methods. Those are
           (a). pen pencil or conventional method-  pen pencil method is like a iterative method or simple method means in this method we try to solve the as   possible as easy. So, it is a simple way to analyze the problem through algorithm.
         (b). divide and conquer method- for a given problem, we divide a problem into sub problem, until where we get the solution easily.


After understanding the problem our next step is to solve the problem through algorithm. Algorithm is the process to make problem easily understood. For writing the algorithm we have to follow rules based on the problem.

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