Saturday, 27 September 2014

Multimedia ppt

Here are the list of ppt which you can download.
Click on the topics.

  1. JPEG - The Joint Photographic Experts Group forms the basis of most video compression algorithms.
  2. Multimedia - Multimedia thus indicates that information /data being transmitted over network may be composed of the following: Text, Image, Audio, Video.
  3. Multimedia 2 - Multimedia information are stored and processed within a computer in a digital form. Multimedia information consists of:Text, image, audio and video.
  4. Compression - Compression is a key aspect of multimedia. It is a technique used in almost all multimedia application. Compression is done on source information before its transmission.
  5. AUDIO COMPRESSION - The process of digitizing audio signals is called PCM.
  6. Multimedia Information Representation.pptx - Multimedia can be viewed as they combination of audio, video, data and how they interact with the user (more than the sum of the individual components)
  7. Digital Libraries - Digital Libraries have become the source of information sharing across the globe for education, research and knowledge.
  8. Motion Pictures Expert Group(MPEG) - The coders associated with audio compression part of MPEG standard are called MPEG audio compressor.

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