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Karnataka High Court Software Technician 2014 question paper part - 1


There are 70 questions with four multiple options to choose correct answer. The answers are given below to the question.

1)    OSI Layer consists of _______ layers
a)    Three
b)    Five
c)    Seven
d)    Eight
Correct answer:  c) Seven

2)    Which of the following is not a type of virtualization
a)    Server
b)    Application
c)    Presentation
d)    Network
e)    Job
Correct answer:  e) Job
(In this exam they have not provided option E to tick on the OMR sheet so one feels the answer for the question is E then they need to leave blank.)

3)    Who is the current President of India
a)    Dr.A.P.J.Abdul Kalam
b)    Smt.Pratibha Patil
c)    Mahammad Hamid Ansari
d)    Shri. Pranab Mukherjee
Correct answer:  d) Shri. Pranab Mukherjee

4)    Break statement cause an exit from
a)    Inner most only
b)    Inner most switch only
c)    From the Inner most loop or switch
d)    From all loops and switches
Correct answer:   c) From the inner most loop or switch

5)    Heap _________________
a)    Is a region from where memory is allocated
b)    Lies between program and stack
c)    Is a finite area
d)    All of the above
e)    None of the above
Correct answer:  d) All of the above

6)    If the variable  c exceeds 1000, a single statement that prints “Too many” is______
a)    if (c<1000) cout << “Too many”;
b)    if (c<1000) cout >> “Too many”;
c)    if (c>1000) cout << “Too many”;
d)    None of the above
Correct answer:  c) if (c>1000 cout << “Too many”;

7)    Which of these is not a major type of cloud computing usage
a)    Hardware as a service
b)    Platform as a service
c)    Software as a service
d)    Infrastructure as a service
Correct answer: a) Hardware as a service

8)    In java, which expression will evaluate to true?
a)    “hello: there!”.equals(“hello there”)
b)    “HELLO THERE”.equals(“hello there”)
c)    (“hello”.concat(“there”)).equals(“hello there”)
d)    “Hello There”.compareTo(“hello there”) == 0
e)    “Hello there”.toLowerCase().equeals(“hello there”)
Correct answer: e) “Hello there”.toLowerCase().equeals(“hello there”)

9)    In digital computer ____________ is used to represent negative numbers
a)    1’s compliment
b)    2’s compliment
c)    Both A and B
d)    None of the above
Correct answer:  b) 2’s compliment    

10)    A binary three in which every non-leaf node has non empty left and right sub trees is called a strictly binary tree. Such a tree with 10 leaves
a)    Cannon have more than 19 nodes
b)    Has exactly 19 nodes
c)    Has exactly 17 nodes
d)    Cannon have more than 17 nodes
Correct answer:  b) Has exactly 19 nodes

11)    A computer uses 8 digit mantissa and 2 digit exponent. If a=0.052 and b=28E+11, then b+a-b will
a)    Results in an overflow error
b)    Results in an underflow error
c)    Be 0
d)    Be 5.28E+11
Correct answer: c) Be 0

12)    The set of permitted values for each attribute is called
a)    Attribute set
b)    Attribute range
c)    Domain
d)    group
Correct answer: c) Domain

13)    consider the declaration static char hello[]=”hello”; The output of print(“%s/n”,hello); will be the same as that of
a)    puts(“hello”);
b)    printf(“%s/n”,”hello”);
c)    both a and b
d)    None of the above
Correct answer: c) both a and b

14)    The datat flow model of an application mainly shows the
a)    The underlying data and the relationship among them
b)    Processing requirements and flow of the data
c)    Decision and control information
d)    Communication network structure
Correct answer: b) Processing requirement and flow of the data

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