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Karnataka High Court Software Technician 2014 question paper part - 2


15)To delete a partition or logical drive, what command could you use ?
a) format
b) fdisk
c) deltree
d) scandisk

correct answer :  b)

16) student and Courses enrolled,
is an example of
a) One-to-one relationship
b) One-to many relationship
c) Many-to-one relationship
d) Many-to-many relationship
correct answer :  d)

17) Server virtualization allows
a) Allow multiple instances of roamed operating systems on
one physical server
b) Allows one instance of different operating systems to run on the same physical server
c) Allows multiple instances of the different operating systems on the same physical server
d) None of the above
correct answer :  c)

18) A micro-programmed control unit
a) Is easter than a hard-wired unit
b) Facilitates easy implementation of a new instruction
c) Is usefully when small programs are to be run
d) All of the above
correct answer :  b)

19) Aloud computing is replacing
a) Expensive personal computer
b) Corporate data centers
c) Expensive s/w upgrades
d) All of the above
correct answer :  d)

20) Which of the following is satellite based tracking system that enabler the determination of a person's position
a) Bluetooth
b) WAP
c) Short message service
d) Global positioning system
correct answer :  d)

21) The process of accessing data stored in a tape is similar to manipulating data on a
a) stack
b) queue
c) list
d) heap
correct answer :  b)

22) Abstraction is
a) Act of representing the essential feature of something without including much details
b) Act of representing the essential features of something including much details
c) Used structure
d) Non of the above
correct answer :  a)

23) Multi threading is
a) Implemented within a single
b) Implemented with multi program on
single system
c) Both A and B
d) None of the above
correct answer :  a)

24) In C++ a function contained within a class is called a
a) Inbuilt function
b) User defined function
c) Member function
d) None of the above
correct answer :  c)

25) Exposure to sunlight help a person improve his health because
a) The infrared light kills bacteria in the body
b) Resistance power increases
c) The pigments cells in the skin get stimulated and produce a healthy tan
d) The ultraviolet rays covert skin oil into Vitamin D
correct answer :  d)

26) _________function is a function that the compiler replaces the function balk with corresponding function code
a) Memory allocation function
b) Member function
c) Inline function
d) Default function
correct answer :  c)

27) In HTML which attribute is used with TD tag to merge two cells horizontally
a) merge
b) colspan=2
c) rowspan=2
d) rowmerge=2
correct answer :  b)

28) Which of the following architecture is/are not suitable for realizing SIMD
a) Vector processor
b) Array processor
c) Von Neuman
d) All of the above
correct answer :  c)

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