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Karnataka High Court Software Technician 2014 question paper part - 3


Q 29 - Q 56 

29) Error detection at Link level is achieved by
a) Bit stuffing
b) Cyclic Redundancy Code
c) Hamming Codes
d) Equalization

correct answer :  b)

30) The following program fragment
int x[5][5],i,j;
x[i][j] = x[j][i]
a) Transposes the given matrix 'x'
b) Makes the matrix 'x'
c) Does not alter the matrix 'x'
d) None of the above
correct answer :  b)

31) A class variable is a variable that is declared inside a class as
a) Final
b) Static
c) Abstract
d) Extends
correct answer :  b)

32) Which among the following is not an E-Commerce application
a) House Banking
b) Buying stocks
c) Conducting an auction
d) Evaluating an Employee
correct answer :  d)

33) For which of the following disciplines is Nobel Prize awarded?
a) Physics and Chemistry
b) Philosophy or Medicine
c) Literature, Peace and Economics
d) All of the above
correct answer :  d)

34) Where does a computer add and compare data
a) Hard disk
b) Floppy disk
c) CPU Chip
d) Memory chip
correct answer :  c)

35) There are occasions when it does not matter if the function produces a
0 or a 1 for a given minterm. The minterms that may produce either 0 or 1 for the function are said to be
a) Careless condition
b) Don't care condition
c) Minterm condition
d) Maxterm condition
correct answer :  b)

36) In partitioned memory allocation scheme, the
a) Best fit algorithm is always better than first fit algorithm
b) First algorithm is always better than best fit algorithm
c) Superiority of the first fit and best fit algorithms depend on the sequence of

memory requests
d) None of the above
correct answer :  c)

37) Which of the following translator program converts assembly language

program to object program
a) Macro processor
b) Linker
c) Computer
d) Assembler
correct answer :  D)

38) Which of the following structure is FIFO - First in first out
a) Stack
b) Array
c) Queue
d) Graph
correct answer :  C)

39) In java, the methods in an interface are
a) Public and abstract
b) Public but not abstract
c) Not public but abstract
d) Not public and not abstract
correct answer :  A)

40) ______ is the most important feature of
spiral model
a) Risk management
b) Requirement analysis
c) Configuration management
d) None of the above
correct answer :  A)

41) Which function positive logic is equivalent un OR Function in negative logic
a) NOT
b) OR
c) AND
d) NOR
correct answer :  C)

42) Marquee is a tag in HTML UN
a) display text in scrolling effect
b) Mark the text so that it is maintained in a queue
c) Text within the tag can be marked in browser
d) All of the above
correct answer :  A)

43) Hitler party which came into power in 1933 is know as
a) Labor party
b) Nazi party
c) Ku-Klux-Klan
d) Democratic party
correct answer :  B)

44) Which layer is not present in TCP/IP model
a) Internet layer
b) Application layer
c) Session layer
d) Transport layer
correct answer :  C)

45) Which layer is not present in OSI model
a) Physical layer
b) Internet layer
c) Network layer
d) Transport layer
correct answer :  B)

46) which of the following belongs un the logic families of integrated circuits
a) Transgr Transistor Logic
b) Metal Oxide
c) Complementary metal Oxide
d) all of the above
correct answer :  D)

47) The _____ operator cannot be overloaded
a) ++
b) ()
c) ~
d) ::
correct answer :  D)

48) Which of the following is not a mode in starting windows
a) Command Prompt
b) Trubo mode
c) Normal Mode
d) Safe Mode
correct answer :  B)

49) Thrashing
a) Reduces page I/O
b) Decreases decree of multiprogramming
c) Implies Excessive page I/O
d) Improves the system
correct answer :  C)

50) The ozone layer restricts
a) Visible light
b) Infrared Radiation
c) X-rays and Gamma rays
d) Ultraviolet Radiation
correct answer :  D)

51) A CPU generally handles an interrupt by executing an interrupt service
a) As soon as interrupt is raised
b) By checking the interrupt register at the end of the fetch cycle
c) By checking the interrupt register after finishing the execution of current

d) By checking the interrupt register at fixed intervals
correct answer :  C)

52) Networks that use different technologies can be connected by using
a) Packets
b) Switches
c) Bridges
d) Routers
correct answer :  D)

53) Which of the following menory can not be accesed randomly
a) Magnetic tape
b) RAM
correct answer :  A)

54) In Java, which of the following can be used to copy data from one array to

a) system.clone
b) java.lang.toCopy
c) system.arraycopy
d) java.lang.clone
correct answer :  C)

55) If carrier modulated by a digital bitstream has ine of the possible phase of  0,90,180, and 270 degree, the modulation is called
c) QAM
d) MSK
correct answer :  B)

56) Normally a pure virtual function
a) Has complete function body
b) Will never be called
c) Will be called only to delete
d) Is defined only in derived class
correct answer :  B)

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