Sunday, 15 May 2016

WhatsApp text formatting rocks with bold, italic and strikethrough styles

WhatsApp recently said one billion users are using it. That is nearly one in seven people on Earth who use WhatsApp with a tremendous usage WhatsApp is adding more features to it. This is when we try to emphasis the word in message we need a formating features to be added.

Three main features of formatting has been added to WhatsApp styling information beyond the minimum of semantic elements. Previously it was just a plain text transformation but now it includes bold, italic and strikethrough. 

To apply these styles just you need add some symbols to enable this feature. 

To use bold:
Start with * (asterisks) symbol and ends a text with *
Correct method:
Ex: *this sentence will be bold*
Wrong method:
Ex: * this sentence will not be bold *

To use italic:
This can enabled by starting with a symbol _ (underscore) and end the word with same _
Correct method:
Ex: _this will be italic_
Wrong method:
Ex: _ this will not work as italic  _

To use strikethrough ( crossed word ):
This is an another feature of text formatting that causes text to appear as though it is crossed out. Here one should use ~(tidle) symbol in beginning and end of the text to work.
Correct method:
Ex: ~This is deleted~
Wrong method:
~ This will not work ~

If this is not working with you then you may be using older version of WhatsApp.
This is enabled in the version 2.12.539 onwards.

To check the version follow up below steps:
Goto settings > About and Help > About

However this provides better readability to users to emphasis the word with proper style. There are several other formatting styles were designed to display special types of text they are Subscripts, Superscripts. These are hoped to be adopted by WhatsApp.

Be touched always with your loved ones, your friends and family with the above styling feature.

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