Sunday, 5 February 2017

HTML and CSS Basic Assignment 2

Create, test and validate a CSS document to describe an unordered list of a typical grocery shopping of your choice.

<!DOCTYPE html>
<style type="text/css">
<body bgcolor="pink">
<h1 align="center"><u><font face="Lucida Calligraphy" size="6" color="red">GROCERRY SHOPPING</font></u></h1>
<ul><font face="jokerman" size="4" color="blue">
<li class="disc" >VEGETABLES
<li class="square">potato:1kg</li>
<li class="square">tomato:2kgs</li>
<li class="square">carrot:2 1/2kgs</li>
<li class="square">green peas:1kg</li>
<li class="square">cucumber:5</li>
<li class="disc">CEREALS
<li class="circle">green gram:500gms</li>
<li class="circle">horse gram:250gms</li>
<li class="circle">soya beans:500gms</li>
<li class="circle">rajma:250gms</li>
<li class="circle">dried peas:500gms</li>
<li class="disc">OILS
<li class="square">groundnut oil:2ltrs</li>
<li class= "square">mustard oil:1ltr</li>
<li class="square">coconut oil:1ltr</li>
<li class="square">castroil:1/2ltr</li>
<li class= "square">sunflower oil:1ltr</li>
<li class="disc">OTHERS
<li class="circle" >sugar:3kgs</li>
<li class="circle">rice:25kgs</li>
<li class="circle">wheat flour:5kgs</li>
<li class="circle" >ragi flour</li>


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