Monday, 6 February 2017

JavaScript function to find a character and print the position of it

Here is a script which prints the position of the character in a given string. Here using charAt() built in function to traverse the characters.

<!DOCTYPE html>
<lable>Enter the string here : </lable>
 <input type="text" name="enter" id="text" value=""/>
<lable>Enter the character to find : </lable>
 <input type="text" name="enter" id="char1" value=""/>
<button onclick="myFunction()">Try it</button>
function myFunction() 
var str =  document.getElementById('text').value;
var len = str.length;
var mychar = document.getElementById('char1').value;
var k=0;
for(var i=0; i<len;i++)
 search = str.charAt(i);
    if (search == mychar)
     alert("Found at position = " + i);

Try Output Here :
Enter the string here :

Enter the character to find :

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