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Basic structure of HTML document

In this article we will discuss on the HTML basics in simple wordings and make to understand. This is helpful for the pure beginners who just started learning about websites or internet. This tutorial will help you to kick start on creating the html pages and running on your browser.

HTML is abbreviated Hyper Text Markup Language and it is the basic part of standard way of creating the webpages and also web applications. HTML elements are like a skeleton of our body which is a solid basic code which contains all the code. HTML has to be written using the markup language with tags normally we use less than “<” and greater than “>” symbol to represent it. 
Ex: <html>

The above tag contains the html element by enclosing the less than and greater than symbols. 
So the above example shows only to start the element and to close the particular element you should use slash “/” in it.
Ex: <html> </html>
That’s all you need to learn! Yes, you should know when to use and where to use the tags inside. The data you need to add in between the tags. Assume you want write new headings in large font then you can use “h1” tag to specify.
<h1>The news headings of the day</h1>

Basic structure of HTML:

The basic structure of HTML mainly contains two parts they are Head and Body.
Head: The head part mainly contains the title name for the webpage and Meta data of the web page. 
Body: This is the place where used to display on the web browser

In detail we have showed above as a four sub part. 
1) <html> : It refers the HTML document
2) <head>: It contains the required links and other related Meta data of the web document
3) <title>: Name of the webpage
4) <body>: All your contents which is showed to user 

Now we have bunch of other tags which we can use directly on the body section. Refer the below tags and practice it on your own.
<strong> important text</strong>
<small> smaller text</small>

Practice : 
<pre>, <input>,  <button>, <textarea>, <sup>, <h6>

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