Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Create your own simple HTML website in just 5 min

You are on the internet now and browsing the webpages. Usually we use browser (Chrome, Mozilla, IE Etc.) to view the contents of webpages. The webpage may contain text, images, audio or video as it supports multiple data to show on any client supported browser.

So one might wonder and have these questions in their mind:
How to create a webpage?
What I need to know?
Where do I need to start?

Creating a webpage is as easy as that. Yes, all you need to have is notepad or any other text editor and a web browser (Chrome, Mozilla or IE).

Steps to create a simple webpage:
1) Open a notepad
2) Add the content which is shown below (but not mandatory)
3) Go to File then click on Save As
4) Provide the File name as “index.html” and select Save as type “All Files”
5) At last click on save button
Once you create a file then you need to open with any existing browser in your machine.
In Browser:
That’s great you are done! You have created an empty page which doesn’t contain any text to show on the browser but you can add so much into your file. Check our next page to know basics of HTML, which tells you how to create and add the tags into the file.  

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