Sunday, 2 April 2017

WhatsApp Groups Invite Links - Spam Free and Genuine Groups

Now a days spamming in a WhatsApp group is found common in online public groups but we are trying hard to give you spam free groups. Yes, we are listing a groups which are genuine in nature and contains only what is titled. Make sure once you join take responsibility and  commitments towards our goal.

As we know WhatsApp has exists group chat with a option to join by link. This is a cool feature where any one with a link can join immediately. We go one step ahead and use the different people from different place to join in one place. Knowledge sharing is our main aim of these groups.

All you need to do :
1) Click on the below group links to join.
2) Only share the group link which you know them personally or who doesn't post spam messages.
3) Make sure you are talking about the group title and share your knowledge and experience.
4) Post helpful messages.
Ex: Your experience in interview, and suggestions. Or show us an interesting things you have found recently.
5) If you find spamming messages then immediately bring into our notification by sending a message with hash tag (#spam). We will take a necessary action against your request.

Make sure you have read below rules before you join our groups.
Rules should be followed strictly. Breaking below mentioned rules will get you kicked out of the group immediately. 
1) No one should share spamming messages or advertisement or unwanted messages. Like Champcash, wow app,  Rippers, Truebalance etc.
2) It is strictly prohibited that no one should abuse group members or sharing  messaging unnecessarily.
3) We will not encourage ang one to change the Group Name except Admins.
To give is suggestion or feedback then message us with #msc. We will get back to your queries and questions ASAP.
Join now and share it to your friends, colleagues, classmate or family members soon.

List of WhatsApp group links :
1) Web Development
2) Software development
3) M.Sc Cs
4) Jobs In India
5) Walk-ins in Bangalore

*We are adding more groups here so keep on visiting here.

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