UNIX is an operating system which is intended to handle multitasking, multiusers at the same time. UNIX accepts commands via shell and performs the required task. The shell environment facilities to control input and output. All the commands which are typed in command promt in UNIX are actually communicating with a shell. Here are few important shell programs which are useful to learn and understand UNIX.

  1. Write a shell program to display a sorted list of the logged in users
  2. Write a shell program that checks the number of command line arguments
  3. Write a shell program to create a files associated with each command line
  4. Write a shell program to accept a username and displays an appropriate message if the user is logged into the system or not
  5. Write a shell program to checks whether given user name is valid or not?
  6. Write a shell script that move all of the files you delete into the .recyclebin directory
  7. Write a shell script which displays the last modification time if the file exists and a suitable message if it doesn’t
  8. Write a shell script that accepts one or more file names as arguments, and converts them all to upper case if they exist
  9. Write a shell script that lists files by modification time when called with lm and by access time when called with la
  10. Write a shell script that deletes all lines containing a specified word in one or more files supplied as arguments to it

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